The true worth of friendship isn’t realised in how friends fare when the sailing is smooth, it’s in how they help us weather through life’s storms too.

This is what we’ve been all about from our earliest days back in 1810 – when a pioneering group of workers came together in a pub in Salford, UK, to look at ways in which they could better support each other and the people around them. 

We’ve a vast bank of care, welfare and wellbeing experience, as well as a wealth of knowledge about many statutory organisations, charities and volunteer groups. It’s experience we share freely with our members.

Legal Aid help

Need to make a personal injury, medical negligence or employment dispute claim? As a member you have access to our Legal Aid Scheme.*

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Financial support in an hour of need

During life’s truly devastating times, we want to help our members and their families where we can.

Help for younger members & students

We’re right behind you. As you develop and grow, we want to help you achieve your ambitions and be the happiest you can be.

Orphan Gift Fund


The Orphan Gift Fund is currently helping around 55 children and young people who have suffered the loss of a parent by funding the cost of items such as school uniforms, travel cards, books, musical instruments and school trips, as well as regular financial support.*

*Terms and conditions apply to all financial benefits. All Oddfellows benefits are non-contractual and may be withdrawn at any time without notice.  Read the full list of Oddfellows member benefit terms and conditions.

For benefits provided a third party, please check their individual terms and conditions.