For many young or mature students, first degree courses or apprenticeships are a necessary step to achieving a dream career, as well as an important milestone in life. They throw up many new life challenges, notwithstanding extra stress on the purse strings.

To give an extra helping hand with the associated costs of work-based training or education, eligible Oddfellows members can apply to be considered for an Educational Award. The non-repayable bursaries can go towards anything from text books and vital equipment to helping out with rent, bills and other practical considerations.

Help for first degree students
Each year, nationally the Oddfellows grants up to three First Degree Course Educational Awards consisting of £900 per year for the duration of a student’s first degree programme.*

Help for apprentices
Each year, nationally the Oddfellows grants up to three Apprenticeship Educational Awards consisting of £250 per year for the duration (maximum three years) of an apprentice’s apprenticeship.* The Apprenticeship category was introduced to the Educational Awards scheme in spring 2017.

Eligible candidates must have five years of continuous Oddfellows membership (Young Oddfellows membership is taken into account) and must be starting their first degree or first apprenticeship. Each case is then reviewed on personal merit.

How to apply for an Oddfellows Educational Award
If you’re a member and eligible, your first step is to contact your Branch Secretary for an application form. You can search for their details using our Branch Finder. Members are invited to apply via their Branches around April each year, with judging taking place in September.

Not yet an Oddfellows member? Financial help is just one of the many benefits of Oddfellows membership. Discover other ways in which we can help you get even more out of life.

*Terms and conditions apply to all financial benefits. All Oddfellows benefits are non-contractual and may be withdrawn at any time without notice. Read the full list of member benefit terms and conditions.

This grant has been invaluable in helping me initiate and run a humanitarian project of my own as part of my studies.

Caitlin Brown Member from Winchester, reading Geography at the University of Oxford.