Great friendships often start as a result of sharing a fun experience or by learning something new together.

Each month, our branches put on online and face-to-face social events and activities for members to come together and enjoy. And because we’ve many across the UK, it’s likely you won’t have to travel too far to spend time with like-minded folk.

We also know that many of our members like to give back to their communities – contributing their energy, skill and expertise to improve the lives of others. As a not-for-profit organisation, it’s a mindset we love to share and nurture through our volunteering, fundraising and Society involvement opportunities.

There are many ways in which we can help you to do more, laugh more and meet new people. And with our collective of around 39,600 Branch-based members* – there’s every chance that that someone who laughs at exactly the same things as you do is already here and waiting.

Visit our friendship guides section for advice on how to meet new people and build your social confidence.

*1 January 2024

Socialising again after losing a partner


We're here for you when you feel ready to socialise again. You may be interested in our first steps page, which contains lots of information that might help prepare you, as well as advice from our members on how they cope.

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Social events


From coffee mornings, craft sessions and lunch clubs to guest talks and countryside walks – our local branches arrange regular online and face-to-face events for you to enjoy and make new friends in your area. Find events and activities near to you.



We’re not-for-profit and many of our branches rely on the goodwill, energies and skills of volunteer members to keep things running extra smoothly. This could involve lending a hand with events, making welfare visits or marketing. Could you free up some time to help?



Our members are bonded by a shared desire to help others and they’re always on the lookout for ways in which they can make a difference in their community. If you feel the same, then you’re in good company. Could you help us fundraise?

Be part of our friendlier Society

Life's fuller when it's lived together. If you're looking for a little more friendship from people who care, give your local Oddfellows social group a try. Find your nearest Oddfellows branch or event.