Care & Welfare Helpline or the Oddfellows Citizens Advice Line

You can find the member-only numbers in the Members’ Area or on your membership card. Alternatively, contact your local Branch or our Membership team.

Local Branch contacts

Use our Branch Finder to find your nearest.

Joining, membership enquiries and help

0800 028 1810

General enquiries

0161 832 9361

Request a free information pack and events diary (UK only)

0800 028 1810

Tell us your name and address and we'll put it in the post.

Unity Mutual (financial services) enquiries

0161 214 4650

All calls are recorded for training and monitoring purposes.

Media enquiries

0161 832 9361

Oddfellows Active Travel Club

0161 832 9361

Or, you can write to us at

The Oddfellows
Oddfellows House
184-186 Deansgate
United Kingdom
M3 3WB

If you're after more information, or you'd like to leave us a comment - then drop us a line below.

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