Should one of our members suffer an unexpected accidental death, we want to support their family through such difficult times.

With the Oddfellows’ Accidental Death Benefit*, we can provide £1,000 in financial help to the member’s next-of-kin if their death was within their country of residence (eg the UK). This is raised to £2,500 if the member’s death occurred outside of their country of residence. Accidental Death Benefit is a membership benefit from day one.

Please note that ‘Accidental Death’ must be stated as the cause of death on their certificate.

How next-of-kin can make an Accidental Death Benefit claim
Your first step is to contact the member’s Branch Secretary within three months of the date of death. You can find their contact details by using our Branch Finder.

Not yet an Oddfellows member? Financial help during difficult times is just one of the many benefits of Oddfellows membership. Discover other ways in which we can help you get even more from life.

*Terms and conditions apply to all financial benefits. All Oddfellows benefits are non-contractual and may be withdrawn at any time without notice. Read the full list of member benefit terms and conditions.