We’ve teamed up with national advice specialists Citizens Advice to give our members access to two of its experienced, full-time advisors – so help is just a phone call away.

Receiving help and advice through the Oddfellows Citizens Advice Line is a membership benefit from day one.

It’s an 0800 number, so free to call from a landline or mobile. It operates 9.30am to 4.30pm Monday to Friday. An answerphone service is available outside of these hours and, rest assured, all messages will be replied to the next working day.

Where can I find the Oddfellows Citizens Advice Line number?

It’s a member-only number which can be found on your membership card or in your Member Handbook. Members can also access it by signing in to the Members’ Area or by calling our Membership team or their Branch.

What advice is available?

The line's advisors are there to help you understand your rights and guide you through any problems. They can help you with everything from one-off queries and full welfare benefit checks, to complex money or housing problems. Their database contains helpful information on over 15,000 subjects, but these are the most frequently discussed issues:

  • Welfare benefits – if you're struggling to make ends meet on a pension or low wage, unemployed, have a disability or long-term health condition, then they can check if there is any other support you could be receiving. They can also help you to make a welfare benefit claim, as well as sort out problems and challenge decisions if things go wrong.

  • Housing – if you're facing a housing issue, such as problems with a landlord, neighbours or harassment, they can offer advice on your legal rights, negotiation and advocacy as required. They can also give information on help available for older or vulnerable people with home repairs or heating costs.

  • Debt and money advice – if you're facing financial difficulties, such as redundancy or a cut in income, or finding it hard to pay your mortgage, credit card or other household bills, they can give you advice on how to manage creditors, debt and budgeting.

  • Employment issues – if you're facing redundancy or unfair dismissal, or experiencing other difficult problems at work, they can offer advice. They can also help you access mediation and refer you to specialist employment advice and representation through the Oddfellows' Legal Aid Scheme where appropriate.

  • Consumer goods and services – if you're having problems with goods that are not fit-for-purpose, or issues with service providers and contracts, they can give help and advice on enforcing your rights.

  • Family matters – if you're having difficulties, such as going through divorce proceedings or access to your children or grandchildren following separation, they can offer initial advice and support.

  • Legal and taxation frameworks – if you need general help to understand how the legal system works and your rights, they can help you with a wide range of issues, such as civil rights, education and tax problems.

We also have a Care and Welfare Helpline

We've a wealth of knowledge about a wide range of statutory organisations, charities and volunteer groups that give care and welfare support, which we're happy to share with members and help where we can.

Not yet an Oddfellows member? The Oddfellows Citizens Advice Line is just one of the many benefits of Oddfellows membership. Discover other ways in which we can help you get even more out of life.​

Disclaimer: Citizens Advice is an independent advice agency and is solely responsible for all advice it provides. If you have any queries about the advice you have received or wish to make a complaint then you should contact Citizens Advice directly. Citizens Advice operates a formal complaints process.