• Social events
  • Savings on adult membership* (up to 4 years free once 18)
  • 24/7 historical archive access*
  • Annual £5 gift voucher*
  • Oddfellows news by email
  • Care & Welfare Helpline
  • Oddfellows Citizens Advice Line
  • Orphan Gift Fund*
  • Educational Awards* (from year 5 of membership)
  • Branch care & welfare support*
  • Benevolence Grant*
  • Accidental Death Benefit*
  • Dental & Optical Care Benefit* (from year 2 of membership)
  • Oddfellows Travel
  • Money saving partner offers*
  • Legal Aid Scheme*
  • Convalescence and carer support* (from year 3 of membership)
  • Emergency Financial Aid (Household)
Young Oddfellow (Under 18s)
£10 Per year
ARCHIVE (Online only)
£10 Per year

*Terms and conditions apply to all financial benefits. All Oddfellows benefits are non-contractual and may be withdrawn at any time without notice.  Read the full list of Oddfellows member benefit terms and conditions.

For benefits provided by a third party, please check their individual terms and conditions.