We want to help people live happy, healthy lives. A big part of this is looking outside of our Society and seeing how we can support the work of local and national charities and good causes.

Year in, year out our local Branches tirelessly fundraise. This was to the collective tune of £184,000 in 2018, not including additional financial help shown to other causes such as the RNLI, our HA Andrews Memorial Fund and Orphan Gift Fund.

Can you help?
We’re always on the lookout for Oddfellows members who have the ideas and the energy to coordinate or contribute to the fundraising efforts of our Branches.

If you think you could help, then please contact your Branch Secretary. You can find their details by using our Branch Finder.

To find out more about the fundraising activities of the Oddfellows and how we give back to our communities, visit our pages on giving back.