Friends enrich our lives – they give us the encouragement we need to do new things and challenge ourselves. They make us laugh, they share our joys and they also support us when we’re sad.

There are points in life when we all can struggle. Illness, bereavement, redundancy, retirement, moving house, relationship breakdown, financial difficulties – these events can make us feel like we’re in a fog, unable to see a way through.

That’s perhaps when friendship is most important.

We know the power of friendship first hand. Many of our UK members understand how intimidating it can be to take steps to reach out and make friends. Our advice draws heavily on their experience and wisdom.

These guides can help you think about friendship, where to find it and how to make friends. And we hope it will help those who may be struggling.

Find your nearest Oddfellows group


Use our Branch Finder to see where your nearest Oddfellows friendship group is based. If there's not one nearby, it's worth contacting your closest to see if members are meeting up in your area.

Top tips for making friends

There are lots of things that get in the way of us making friends. Not knowing how to start or where to look can be an issue. For many it’s lack of self-confidence. We’ve pulled together some tips to help you feel more confident.

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What makes us happy and healthy as we go through life?

Watch Robert Waldinger's TED talk on where you should place your time and energy if you're looking for 'the good life'. Friendship's right up there, with the research telling us it's always worth spending some effort to nurture it. 

Everyone's welcome

See how we're helping our members feel more supported and connected in their local communities. Watch our video.