Press play on your new start

Settling into a new home and area takes time. Our local friendship groups can help you to:

Blue tick  Meet people with similar interests
at regular social events and activities.

Blue tick  Discover your new neighbourhood
in the company of friendly local members.

Blue tick  Give back to the community
through our member volunteer opportunities.

We're always ready to welcome new members. So if you're new to an area, give your local Oddfellows friendship group a try, or come along to one of our online open days.

Find your nearest Oddfellows group

local groups

Use our Branch Finder to see where your nearest Oddfellows friendship group is based. If there's not one nearby, it's worth contacting your closest to see if members are meeting up in your area.

Social events and much more

Enjoying regular events and activities is just one of the many benefits to becoming a member of your local Oddfellows Branch.

From care and welfare advice, and support to special offers, opportunities to travel and 24/7 use of our historical archives – there's so many reasons to consider becoming part of your local friendlier society. *T&Cs apply to all financial benefits.

Membership benefits

Finding your feet on new ground

Moving to a new town or city is daunting at any age, but when you relocate your entire life in later years, it can be even more difficult to find your feet. Check out Dr Wild's expert tips on how to feel more settled.

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Find events in your area

I’ve made some wonderful friends who have lived in this area for many years, so it’s been really interesting visiting them and enjoying their company.

Christine Prime King's Lynn member

Everyone's welcome

Watch our video to see how we're helping our members feel more supported and connected in their local communities.