If you’ve recently retired and need the inspiration to create your new routine, then take a look at what your local Oddfellows friendship group has to offer.

We’ve social events and activities, group holidays, volunteering opportunities and wellbeing support ready and waiting, as well as plenty of others getting the most out of their retirement. Try adding the Oddfellows to your day, and enjoy your new life on your terms.

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As soon as we walked in we felt at home, there was no awkwardness, we just got on with it like we’d been there for years.

Barbara Spencer Nene and Welland Oddfellows member

Marie's story

Real life

When your career in the NHS has been as remarkable as Marie’s, having a retirement that matches in its rewards was always going to be a challenge. But by shifting her relentless drive to care, learn and contribute in a new direction, it has, as she describes, “opened up another life”. Read Marie's story.

Ann's story

Real life

Retirement is something many people spend years, even decades, planning for. But what happens if the time to retire arrives sooner than expected?
Read Ann's story.

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How to make retirement work for you

Expert advice

Clinical Psychologist Dr Jennifer Wild shares her expert advice on how to feel supported, confident and fulfilled in retirement. Read Dr Wild's advice.

Retirement's emotional rollercoaster


While retirement should be a time to enjoy life, our recent research paints a slightly different picture, with over a third of retirees reporting a rollercoaster of emotions. Read the article.

What are your retirement goals?

Retirement's the perfect time to do more of what you love. Stuck for ideas? Here's 25 retirement goal ideas to get you started.

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