Friendly support for New Year’s social goal-setters

Updated: 31 Jan 2024

Being among people who share similar goals can make a significant difference to seeing through a New Year’s resolution or not, say Oddfellows friendship groups across the nation.

Local meetups

To offer support, the Oddfellows' branches are inviting anyone who has recently set themselves the task of taking up a new group activity or socialising more to give one of their meet-ups a try.

One of those branches, Cinque Ports Warden Oddfellows, which is made up of around 400 mostly older and retired members, puts on a wide-range of activities and regular social events in the Dover and Deal area that bring like-minded people together.

12 people sitting round a table smiling at the camera
Cinque Ports Warden members at a recent meet-up 

A little help from friends

Branch Secretary, Jan Reading, said: “Many of us try to make changes to our lives at the beginning of the year, but when those first bumps in the road appear it’s much easier to stay on track when you’ve got people alongside you acting as cheerleaders, or giving you a reason not to quit.

“Having the support of friends, or being among people who want the same thing, can be the difference between achieving and failing the goals we set ourselves.

“Here at Cinque Ports Warden Oddfellows, we have a ready-made group of wonderful and inspiring people who can offer that support. So if you want to get out and about more, meet new and interesting people, try your hand at something new, or volunteer your time to help others, then stop by and give us a try.”

Nationwide support

Cinque Ports Warden Oddfellows is one of 99 branches which makes the Oddfellows, one of the largest friendly societies in the UK.

The Society also runs around 50 online events every month which are free and open to anyone to attend, member or not.

You can find your closest group via our handy Branch Finder, and to discover events in your area go to our Events Finder.

As well as the events, Oddfellows members can access a range of benefits, including care and welfare support and a travel club.

You can request a membership information pack and a free local events diary from your nearest Oddfellows Branch or online.