Caring commendation for retired vicar, Bruce

Updated: 29 Oct 2020

Alton resident and member of Concord Oddfellows, Bruce Nicole has been recognised by the Society's Fraternal Board, for going above and beyond in his caring for others.

Bruce with his certificate

66 year-old Bruce (pictured) has been presented with the prestigious Oddfellows Making a Difference Award for ‘Giving a helping hand’. The national award celebrates individuals who go out of their way to look after the wellbeing of other members of the Society.

Bruce, a member of the Concord Branch Oddfellows, joined his local friendship group 23 years ago when his mother-in-law was the Secretary for the local Branch. Bruce soon became one of the Branch’s key volunteers, driving members to meetings, acting as quizmaster, greeting visitors and visiting members at their homes or the local hospital.

Bruce is by nature a very kind, considerate, caring and understanding person.

Bringing his experience as a vicar to the role, Bruce helps members access the help they need, whether that’s a cup of tea and a listening ear, assistance with getting to events or appointments, or providing comfort and support during difficult times.

Speaking about his award win, Bruce says: “I was honoured to have been chosen out of all the Oddfellows across the country, but helping people is something I have always done. I’ve always bought cars bigger than I need, and I enjoy just being with people. I am not one for sitting behind a desk, I would rather wear myself out than rust away!”

Kristen Reid, Social Co-ordinator for Concord Oddfellows, says: “Bruce is by nature a very kind, considerate, caring and understanding person. He is always on hand to help and will go out of his way to assist. Nothing is ever too much trouble; he lives to serve others and this is reflected in everything he does!”

Jane Nelson, CEO of the Oddfellows, adds: “Bruce epitomises what it means to be an Oddfellow. He’s always happy to help wherever he can and his hard work and dedication means that he is a real credit to the Society.”

The winners of the Making a Difference Awards have been invited to the Oddfellows Annual Moveable Conference in May 2021 to be formally presented with their award, after this year’s event was cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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