A team to put you at ease

Updated: 10 Apr 2024

Trying out a social group for the first time can be nerve-wracking, especially if you have fallen out of the practice of meeting and chatting to new people. Rest assured, there’s a team here to help.

We guarantee a warm welcome...

Collectively, our friendship groups host around 700 events up and down the country each month, and its front-of-house teams are an old hand at helping newcomers get back into the social swing of things.

“We’ve all taken lots of first steps in our lives, from learning to walk and talk to starting school and jobs, or, indeed, to start over, and we found the courage,” explained John Marvelley, who is one of the Oddfellows’ social organisers based in Swansea, South Wales.

“We help people to take that first step towards giving a new social group a go. We guarantee a warm welcome, create a safe environment, and get to know our members by finding out what interests them, and keep everyone involved.”

Meet like-minded people

Angela Murray, a social organiser based at our Mersey Branch suggests a good way to rebuild social confidence is to choose an event that matches a personal interest or hobby.

“Trying a group activity that you know you’ll enjoy will increase the chances of meeting like-minded people – those you’re more likely to get along with. You can share any tips you have or previous experiences, so you’ll not feel short of something to talk about,” explained Angela.

Three women together at a coffee morning around a table smiling and enjoying themselves. Angela Murray is in the middle.
HOST ON HAND: Angela Murray, centre, makes everyone feel included.

Oddfellows branches offer support to members through organising regular social events and activities, such as days out, coffee mornings, talks, walks, craft sessions and quizzes, as well as offering volunteering opportunities and a travel club. Members also benefit from wellbeing support and advice with dedicated helplines.

“There’s a well-known Welsh proverb ‘I will walk beside you over many paths’,” added John. “This is certainly the case at the Oddfellows. Let’s take the step of forging new friendships together.”

Oddfellows Friendship Month

Throughout September, the Oddfellows is celebrating Friendship Month and hosting hundreds of local taster events and online open days designed to show newcomers the benefits of joining a friendship group.

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