Every event, every fundraiser and every brew made is powered by our wonderful network of fantastic members, and they mean the world to us.

There are some who go far beyond the call of duty and we feel it's important they're recognised. Our national Making a Difference Awards are designed to celebrate and say thank you to these extraordinary people.

Each winner is presented with a personally-engraved award by the Grand Master, our Chairman of the Society, in a special ceremony at our annual conference.

Making a Difference Award logo

Nominations for 2022 are now open!

We'll be revealing our 2021 winners very soon! In the meantime, do you know somebody who has gone above and beyond for your local Branch? Any member can nominate another member at any point in the year. Download a member nomination form, or ask your Branch Secretary for a copy.

Enriching lives socially


"This member loves contributing to social activity, whether as a frontline organiser or backroom support. Whatever they do, they can always be relied on to get everything together for the get-togethers, and without their input events just wouldn’t be as good as they are."

Congratulations to Margaret, our category winner for 2020.

Giving something back


"The focus of this member is to raise as much money as possible for worthy causes. They may be involved in organising and participating in fundraising activities or events, and will use every opportunity to help raise money or 'in kind' charitable support."

Congratulations to Effie, our category winner for 2020.

Working in the spirit of mutuality


"This member’s passion lies in the running of the Branch and Society as a whole. Typically they will have held one or a number of formal roles and worked collaboratively with their management committee to make positive things happen."

Congratulations to Barry, our category winner for 2020.

Giving a helping hand


"Looking after other members is what this member loves best. They are likely to be a Welfare Visitor or other caring volunteer who goes out of their way to look after the wellbeing of members – whether phoning, writing or visiting, they can always be counted on when it matters or in times of need."

Congratulations to Bruce, our category winner for 2020.