**Online** Meditation mini series - Progressive body relaxation, meditation

Wellbeing | Nationwide event hosted by Unity Office

Tuesday 5 March 2024 at 1.00pm

Session 1 - Progressive body relaxation, meditation.

Join Graeme in our introduction to meditation as part of 'Mindful March' where we invite you to join us to take some time to focus on yourself.  Meditation is the deliberate focusing of attention to bring about feelings of calm and heightened energy and awareness. Regular meditation offers many health benefits, such as reduced stress and anxiety. 

This mindful meditation emphasises slowly, placing the awareness on various parts of the body to promote relaxation and to relieve tension.

The session will last approximately 45 minutes.  It starts at 1.00pm but you will not be able to join after 1.05pm as the class will have started.

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