Tai Chi and Tea and Coffee

Sport, Coffee Mornings | Mid-Surrey District Branch

Friday 19 July 2024 at 12.00pm

Cost: £4
Non-member Cost: £7

Qigong (pronounces chee-gong)is an ancient Chinese exercise and healing technique that involves meditation, controlled breathing and movement exercises, under the umbrella of Tai Chi. All welcome to this low impact, gentle exercise and meditation with Jo. Please note the special price for members. Welcome to arrive 11:40am and share a cup of tea or coffee and chat. Pay as you go. Please contact the office or Jo at www.lowimpactandseatedfitness.com for more information. 

For further information about this event please contact:

Mrs Carly Farrer
01306 877792

Event location

Oddfellows Hall Dorking , 270 High Street , Dorking , RH41QT