Theatre Trip - Lost Soul 2

Culture | Mersey District Branch

Wednesday 11 September 2024 at 2.00pm

Cost: £20.00
Non-member Cost: £20.00

Bookable | Deadline: 07/06/2024

Join us for a matinee performance of Lost Soul 2, a play by Dave Kirby, (who wrote Brick up the Mersey Tunnels).  Smigger, Donna, Terry and Pat will take us from Scottie Road to Pontins Prestatyn, to Liverpool's over-40s Sunday night pub scene for endless laughter set to a 70s soul soundtrack.

There is an age advisory of age 14+ due to some strong language.  We only have 30 tickets so it will be on a first come, first served basis.  Please note this does not include a meal and the tickets are in the stalls.  If the tickets are not sold, we will be able to return them before the deadline but you do need to book early to not miss this one and ensure you get your ticket.  Hence the early deadline for booking.

For further information about this event please contact:

Ms Angela Murray
07912 605677

Event location

Royal Court Theatre, 1 Roe Street, Liverpool, L1 1HL