Oddfellows Brass, our official band, started life as a youth collective under the name ‘Unity Brass’ in 1981. It was founded by Rob Boulter, who continues to play in the band today, and is now led by Musical Director, David Holling.

Its talented musicians share a love of brass and perform a wide range of music, from traditional tunes and modern works (of which some are arranged and composed by their players), to movie scores and popular songs.

They give up their time freely to rehearse and regularly travel the country to stage concerts. Oddfellows Brass entertains our members and guests at a number of Branch events each year and they always put on a first-class performance at our annual conference, which is also open to the public to enjoy.

Based in Markfield, Leicestershire, the band has made steady progress in National Brass Band rankings, qualifying for the National Brass Band Finals on six occasions, including a performance at London’s Royal Albert Hall. They've also embarked on several international and European tours.

Why do we sponsor Oddfellows Brass?

It’s quite simple. We love their passion for what they do. It’s infectious. But above all, we celebrate the band’s ability to help people enjoy the brighter side of life. This not only stands for the people who have the toe-tapping pleasure of enjoying a performance, but for the musicians themselves, too.

Their music is accessible to all, and they are a band with a sound as big as the friendships it forms along the way. And as a Society built on friendship, for us, that’s the key.

To find out more about Oddfellows Brass, visit www.oddfellowsbrass.co.uk.

Take it from us, they’re well worth a listen.

How do you book Oddfellows Brass to play at an event?

If you are an Oddfellows Branch and would like to book Oddfellows Brass for a concert, please email events@oddfellows.co.uk for more information.

If you are a member of the public and would like to book Oddfellows Brass for a concert, please visit www.oddfellowsbrass.co.uk.

2021's performances to be confirmed soon.