Discover mindfulness this March

Updated: 10 Apr 2024

Throughout 'Mindful March', we’re championing mindfulness; the concept of being present within a moment to create awareness of our thoughts and feelings.

Online mindfulness events for all

There are many ways of practising mindfulness. It's a skill that can be used to bring calmness and an understanding of what we might need to be more content.

We have a number of online events that are designed to help shut out the rest of the world and allow you to think solely about you.

And the best part?

They’re completely free and everyone is welcome along, member or not.

A woman with her eyes closed and hand on her chest, smiling

Chi Gung – Every Monday, 2pm

Chi Gung, or Qigong, consists of slow, flowing movements and deep rhythmic breathing to create a meditative state. Originating in China, it’s practised for exercise, relaxation and even as an alternative medicine.

There is no prior experience required. Our instructor, Graeme, will guide you through the 45-minute session. You will need a chair and, if you can, space to stand and stretch.

Go to and enter Meeting ID 824 6194 4085.

For more information contact Sarah North on 07873 581 975 or or click on the dates:


Meditation is the deliberate focusing of attention to bring about feelings of calm and heightened energy and awareness. Regular meditation offers many health benefits such as reduced stress and anxiety.

This two-part miniseries has been organised especially for Mindful March, and are both run by instructor Graeme. Entry to both will be cut off at 1:05pm so not to interrupt the session.

A woman sitting cross legged on the floor, meditating with a laptop in front of her

Session one – Progressive Body Relaxation Meditation – Tuesday 5 March, 1pm

You’ll slowly place your awareness on various parts of the body to promote relaxation and relieve tension.

Go to and enter Meeting ID 823 0689 9098 and Passcode 593 543.

Session two – Breath Meditation – Tuesday 26 March, 1pm

Breath meditation is the practice of relaxing the nervous system, calming the mind and creating focus to promote for inner calm and peace.

Go to and enter Meeting ID 828 7028 6637 and Passcode 796 755.

For more information about meditation sessions, contact the Oddfellows Events Team at or click on the dates:

Tai Chi – Every Wednesday, 6pm

Sometimes referred to as shadow boxing, Tai Chi is a Chinese martial art, originally designed for self-defence. It is a popular form of gentle exercise and meditation, with benefits for both mental and physical health.

There is no prior experience required. Our instructor, Graeme, will guide you through the 45-minute session. If you can, you will need space to stand and stretch, or you can be seated.

Go to and enter Meeting ID 889 0330 1327 and Passcode 331 259.

For more information contact Sarah North on 07873 581 975 or or click on the dates:

Creative writing for fun – Tuesday 26 March, 7.30pm

An open note pad with someone writing in it

Creative writing can have therapeutic benefits, whether using the time to detach from reality and escape into a world of your own creation for a while, or exploring real feelings and emotions in a space removed from the everyday stresses of life.

Steve, a member of Bradford Oddfellows, brings his much-enjoyed session online. He will teach you the skills required to explore your creativity.

There is no experience is required, just turn up with a pen and paper and give it a go.

Go to and enter Meeting ID 311 202 1697 and Passcode 1810.

For more information contact Emma Marshall on 07432 047 213 or or click on the date:

More events

These aren’t the only events happening in March; there are plenty more, online and in person.

Go to our Events Finder to search for what’s coming up.

Learn more about the Oddfellows

Our online open days are an opportunity to get to know more about us. People often come along before they go to their first event to understand what they can expect. They're free and last around 1 hour 15 minutes and you'll need to register before joining.