Win a copy of new release 'The Ten Steps of Positive Ageing'

We’re huge advocates for positive ageing and for debunking detrimental and outdated ageist stereotypes. When this book came into our radar, we thought it perfect for a giveaway! *T&Cs apply.

A new release for March 2020, Guy Robertson’s ‘The Ten Steps of Positive Ageing’ is a handbook for personal change in later life. It looks at how the way we think about ageing can have a significant impact on our health and wellbeing in later life. 

Through his 10 steps, Guy insightfully challenges the inaccurate and negative attitudes that may be contaminating outlooks on getting older, and provides a clear, practical road map for exerting more choice and control. It concentrates on the psychological and emotional aspects of ageing and, employing a range of personal development techniques, it provides people with the keys to a happier and more fulfilled later life. We’re in!

Ageing is inevitable, but getting 'old' is optional! Guy Robertson, Author

Who’s this book perfect for?

Anyone who wants to do ageing differently, or who loves a bit of human psychology, or has an interest in gerontology. 

How can I win a copy?

Email you name, with the subject line ‘10 steps’, to before 30 April 2020 and we’ll enter you into our free prize draw. Terms and conditions are below.

What are Guy’s 10 steps of positive ageing?

The author kindly shared a summary with us:

Step 1:  Diving right in at the deep end by focusing on death and the way in which consideration of mortality can actually enliven and bring more joy and satisfaction to our lives.

Step 2:  Conducting a reality check on all the negative ideas and images about ageing and test out whether we are actually getting a balanced picture of its positive as well as the negative aspects.

Step 3:  Taking you into the fascinating and largely unknown research data about how negative stereotypes and ageist attitudes can cause real harm as we age. We learn how ageism is no laughing matter, and how we can protect ourselves from its more toxic aspects.

Step 4:  Moving on to consider the importance of our relationships with other people in helping us to age positively.

Step 5:  Continuing the theme of how our thoughts and feelings can be harnessed to our advantage, this step outlines the benefits of mindfulness and its importance as a tool particularly suited to improving our later lives.

Step 6:  Focusing specifically on the evidence-based techniques which have been found to be effective in developing a broadly based sense of wellbeing.

Step 7:  Looking at what we might be able to gain from looking back on our lives in order to help us extract as much valuable learning as possible from our own past experiences.

Step 8:  Tackling the tricky, but vital task of clarifying what gives us meaning and a sense of purpose in our lives. This is an area which is critical to address as we age, given all the rather ambiguous messages about the role that older people occupy in society.

Step 9:  Encouraging us to develop an explicit vision for how we want our lives to be and what we want to achieve. Without this, we run the risk of drifting and not making the best of our precious later years.

Step 10:  Looking at what practical steps we can take to build our resilience. Later life can be tough and there will always be challenges for us to address; this last chapter is therefore designed to help us survive (and perhaps even thrive from) them.

Where can I buy the book?

You can purchase 'The Ten Steps of Positive Ageing' in paperback from priced at £14.99. The book is published by Green Tree.


Anne Karpf: Guardian Journalist, Academic and Author of ‘How to Age’
I have an aversion to most self-improvement books and their simplistic advice but I really like this book: well-researched, practical and realistic, it embraces the ageing process with a lovely thoughtful optimism, making valuable suggestions about how readers can reach this point themselves. Guy Robertson is a splendid tour guide for the journey into later life.

Diana Moran (the Green Goddess – breakfast TV fitness expert)
The Ten Steps of Positive Ageing by Guy Robertson really got me thinking. An excellent motivational guide for making small changes that could make a big difference to our attitude and quality of later life.

Celia Dodd: Journalist and Author of ‘Not Fade Away: how to thrive in retirement‘
I LOVE this book and I cannot wait to do the exercises in it. It is an indispensable guide to planning positively for a happy and fulfilling old age. Guy Robertson’s optimism about older age is irresistible. This unique workbook gets straight to the emotional and psychological heart of a happy old age, and how to prepare for it. Wise, inspirational and thought-provoking.

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