When something just clicks...

Helping people find other people who enjoy doing the same things as themselves is something in which we excel. We've been successful at it for years. So how better than to ask our CEO Jane Nelson and her good friend Flo Munro to spill the beans about their relationship.

(L-R): Jane and Flo are always have to share a glass of fizz on holiday together

Why do you think you became such good friends?

Flo: It just happened! Jane always listens, cares and supports.

Jane: Something just clicked. She is old enough to be my Mum (sorry Flo!) but there was just something that worked. I know I can talk to her about anything.

What’s your favourite way to spend time together?

Jane: chilling out with each other.

Flo: Agreed, it has to be holidays, just chatting and relaxing and laughing.

What’s your favourite memory you’ve shared together and why?

Flo: Fun-filled holidays with adventures I would never had imagined! Speeding through Mexican swamps, paragliding and trying different foods together to name a few.

Jane: Oh there are many… as we have holidayed together on a few occasions. My husband Graham and I have encouraged Flo and Ron to paraglide, quadbike, zip-wire, abseil into a well and many other daring feats which we have loved doing.

Our annual Friendship Month events are all about SociabiliTEA. Whether you’re catching up or lending a sympathetic ear, there’s nothing quite like getting the kettle on and sharing a brew with a friend. So, here’s the ultimate question for you, who makes the best cuppa?

Jane: I would say me.

Flo: Think that’s me!

Now, how strong? Builder’s brew or weak and milky?

Jane: I like it milky and weak but Flo likes hers a bit stronger, but not too much.

Flo: Agreed, stronger than Jane but a drop more milk than a builder’s brew!

 …and for the dunkers? Custard cream or bourbon biscuit?

Flo: Neither! Possibly a rich tea.

Jane: Gosh very difficult... I’m not sure I have ever seen Flo eat a biscuit?! Out of those two it’d be a custard cream for me but I do enjoy a dark chocolate digestive. I dunk in milk and sometimes even in white wine!

Finally, how would you describe your friend in three words?

Jane: Supportive, loving and caring.

Flo: Loving, caring and lasting.

There are many ways in which the Oddfellows can help people to do more, laugh more and spend more time in great company. And with our collective of over 314,000 Oddfellows members – there’s every chance that that someone who laughs at exactly the same things as you do is already here and waiting. You can find your nearest Branch by using our Branch Finder.