Return of Oddfellows outdoor events

Updated: 07 Apr 2021

In line with the government’s roadmap, Oddfellows Branches will be gradually reintroducing small, socially-distanced outdoor events to help people get back in their social stride.

5 members outside on a bench having a selfie

Jane Nelson, Society CEO, explains: “It’s been a long time coming, but we can’t wait to see some familiar faces again, and hopefully new ones, as we re-start our outdoor meet-ups.

“We’ve been in close touch with our members throughout all the lockdowns, but this past one has felt really tough. Sadly, some have lost someone close, and the majority have felt the daily struggle of staying at home to keep themselves and others safe.

“Many can’t wait to get back out and about, but we also know that there are people who have had their social confidence and mental health knocked for six this past year.

...we know that many people’s normal will be very different to the one they once knew.

“As social restrictions ease, and we now have some routes back to a more normal way of life, we know that many people’s normal will be very different to the one they once knew. So much time has passed and we appreciate that it might feel incredibly daunting to step out and socialise again.

“What I can say is that we’ll be there for our members and will help them to re-adjust at their own pace. If anyone else feels that they too are in need of some gentle, friendly support or encouragement, then we’ve always room for more within our local friendship groups,” added Jane.

Covid-19 Secure events

Maidstone Fernlea Branch is one of the first to put on a capped-at-six outdoor event with a walk to Allington on Friday 9 April at 11am. Nottingham Trent Branch will be running a circular lakeside walk at Attenborough Nature Centre on Saturday 1 May at 9.30am, and Bradford Branch is holding a walk around Ogden Water on Wednesday 12 May at 10.30am.

You can search for other upcoming outdoor events by using our Events Finder.

Older man taking part in a zoom event holding playing cards in hand

Online events here to stay

The Society will continue its successful programme of regular online events, of which most are freely open to the public to enjoy.

Adds Jane: “It’s incredible to think we only ran our first online event a year ago, and now we’re hosting over 100 a month! We’re repeatedly told that they have been a lifeline during the pandemic. And it’s been great to see people mixing from all over the UK, reinforcing just how much a family the Oddfellows is.

“We’ve no plans to stop online events completely once restrictions are lifted. They’re definitely here to stay. We want to create opportunities for people to stay socially connected from wherever they are, appreciating that attending events in person might be difficult for some members, or that virtual meet-ups better suit their interests or lifestyle needs.”

Indoor events

COVID-19 Secure indoor events, run in accordance with government social-distancing requirements, are planning to resume at Oddfellows Branches from mid-May – roadmap permitting.

To find details of your nearest Branch, visit our Branch Finder. To search for local events, visit our Events Finder.

There are also monthly online open days where you can find out more about the Oddfellows and what membership to your local friendship group has to offer.

If you're interested in joining an Oddfellows friendship group, contact us and we can send you a free information pack and local events diary.