Members in profile: Andrew Fincham

In the last edition of Oddfellows Times, ‘In Profile’ focused on Andrew Fincham. A member from the Heart of England District, Andrew has a number of passions in his life - with two of the biggest being Leamington FC and his Oddfellows’ membership.

When you speak to Andrew Fincham, his love of his local football team soon becomes evident. He has supported Leamington FC (or ‘the Brakes’ as the club is affectionately known) since being a boy.

During that time, the Brakes have enjoyed mixed fortunes but Andrew has supported them through thick and thin - and not just from the terraces, but also by volunteering his time.

He has also been a long-standing member of Leamington FC’s Vice President’s Club, which aims to raise money for the Brakes and local community.

Andrew enjoys this fundraising almost as much as he enjoys the beautiful game. “I always try to do as much as possible for the Vice President’s Club,” he says. “Raising funds and helping others gives me a real sense of personal satisfaction. It’s good to make a difference.”

Given Andrew’s outlook and attitude, it’s perhaps unsurprising that he was attracted to the Oddfellows. He joined in 1995, largely because he had friends who were already members and so he knew of the Society’s work and of the many benefits to membership.

I’ve really enjoyed the tradition and ceremonial aspect of the Oddfellows. The social side is great too. I’ve made so many brilliant friends. Andrew Fincham , Member of Heart of England District

Over the past 22 years, he has shown the same kind of dedication to the Oddfellows as he has to his team.

He has held various roles including Deputy District Chairman (Provincial Deputy Grand Master) and District Chairman (Provincial Grand Master). He has also earned the Purple Degree – a traditional Oddfellows qualification, purple being the highest.

Having been an Oddfellow for almost 25 years, Andrew can point to many highlights from his membership. “I’ve really enjoyed the tradition and ceremonial aspect of the Oddfellows” he says. “The social side is great too. I’ve made so many brilliant friends.”

Andrew has also benefited from the support of the Oddfellows. Following a heart attack in 2012, the help of his fellow members helped him on the road to recovery and his membership enabled him to enjoy a week of convalescing at the Yorkshire Foresters Home, Bridlington, East Yorkshire.

He has subsequently been able to repay this kindness and make a difference to others who might be affected by heart conditions. During his year as District Chairman, the Heart of England District raised £5,320 for his chosen charity, the British Heart Foundation. His actions were so true to form - and indeed so true to the ethos of being an Oddfellow.

Andrew was nominated for In Profile by Oddfellows from the Heart of England District.