Member Joy Pearson 'untangles the webs' in her exciting new novel

Joy Pearson, a member of our Handforth and Altrincham Branch is about to launch her exciting new novel, 'Untangling the Webs' and we have the scoop!

Set in Cheshire and Worcestershire in 2008, 'Untangling the Webs' centres on four women - two in their early forties, one in her sixties and one of 76. Although these women come from different backgrounds and have different life experiences, their loyalty and unconditional love for those closest to them creates a common bond.

The reader, as an invisible and privileged guest, is drawn into their tangled lives as they overcome conflicts, unexpected emotional shocks, treachery and grief. Each character must show real grit as, they struggle to overcome huge personal challenges and achieve true happiness, aided by a female ‘rock’ in their lives.

Truth is certainly stranger than fiction and 'Untangling the Webs' shows it’s not coincidence that enables the characters to solve complex problems but ultimately their positive approach in seeking solutions, helped by a close friend.

The novel is an enjoyable and addictive exploration of the indomitability of the human spirit. Both deep and frivolous, it features twists, secrets, guilt, serendipitous discoveries, revealing letters, diary entries, humour, wisdom, music and even a stalker!

The novel’s ending is happy although for one character an enigma ensues. This leaves you on a cliffhanger, setting things up nicely for book two.

'Untangling the Webs' is available from April 2018 from